The RxStrategies Difference

RxStrategies provides solutions that assist providers in meeting the challenges of regulatory compliance, patient eligibility, pharmacy replenishment and program tracking and reporting for the Federal 340B Drug Pricing Program.

As a full-service pharmaceutical services organization, RxStrategies provides a diverse range of services to all “Qualified Entities” the in-house and/or contract pharmacies, including “real-time” comprehensive solutions to the challenges of regulatory compliance, patient eligibility, pharmacy replenishment, program tracking and reporting of the Federal 340B Drug Pricing Program.

RxStrategies, Inc. has developed a proprietary system, called 340BPlus that allows full compliance with all of the 340B regulations and allows the qualified entity, its pharmacy or pharmacies (in-house and/or contracted) and, most importantly its patients access to the benefits of the 340B program without the worry of program compliance. 340BPlus takes care of everything including patient eligibility, prescription tracking, inventory management, inventory replenishment, billing and overall program management. All of this, and more, is available today!

RxStrategies programs are proven to provide accountability, transparency and value-based solutions for the 340B Drug Pricing Program. RxS has been successfully serving the 340B community for more than a decade with over 500 sites participating.

Who We Serve


    RxStrategies offers a range of services for hospitals including evaluation of patient mix, staff and medical training and OPA registration and compliance review.


    Focused services from determining eligibility, establishing pricing plans and systems to track patient compliance to implementing marketing and launch plans.


    Tracking and management of pharmaceutical spend is a key factor in 340B compliance. Our team implements a solid system and trains staff to ensure compliance and efficiency.


    Programs to assist Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) gain access to reduced pharmaceuticals through our comprehensive program.

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